Waves, Heroes and……….Frogs??

As I turn the corner and can see the finish line I’m re-invigorated.  The thousands of people lining the way cheer loudly and as I sprint between them they jostle to throw money (notes obviously) at me.  Fresh as a daisy I burst through the tape and brush aside the offer of a space blanket and energy drink to continue my run towards the welcoming sight of the sea, waves crashing loudly onto to the beach.  Just as I reach the waters edge a roller breaks and the fresh cool water envelops me in it’s refreshing grasp and……..

and……….(wibble wobble)….

and…….…(wibble wobble)….

and…….. I wake up.  It’s a dream, it’s a bloody dream.

So back to reality then and reality can be a tough mother at times, as I prepare to do something far removed from anything that has gone before – 100 miles in three days over a terrain that would hold it’s own in Nepal!!

Who’s ridiculous idea was this?  Who would be stupid enough to dream this up?

Um….hands up, that would be me then.  Oopps!!!!!