Hello peeps, hows it going? I have been a naughty Chalkster and have not been blogging in a while (smack my wrist) but its ok IMMMM BACCCKKKK. Well since we last spoke you will all be pleased to know i have had many running disasters, not as great as the treadmill but still they are up there.

So i found i hate running on my own. When i attempt to run on my own i might aswell not of bothered, its boring. No matter what i do, what music i listen to or how many running games i make up in my head . . . . . ITS BORINGG. I also get scared running on my own, i am a victim of too many horror films so therefore everytime i go running i atomactically think the chain saw masacre man is going to get me. Which leaves me with limited “safe” places (not that broadchalke isnt safe just in my head its all a horror film) to run long distance in the land of broadchalke. So i take to the hill opposite my house. Its a hot day, im tired from work and really not wanting to run but here i go. Im going up the corn field its going good then a massive hare jumps into the track im running along and it races in front of me, its almost like he’s teasing me “haha look how fast and far i can run Amy, you are rubbish, haha look at me go, come along with your fat ass” well that instantly makes me angry so i keep going up the hill, and up and up and up. I get to the top and turn to the silly hare and stick my two fingers up to him. Now im feeling slightly pleased with myself i havnt let the hare get me down im powering on. I climb over the fence into the next field. This bits easy its a nice long downhill jogg. “oh crap, ouch, ouch, OUCCCHHHHH CHARLIEEEE” Im stood in the middle of stinging nettles they are everywhere and i think right i can hop through these quick and it will be fine, then theres more, and more and more, “WHERE DO THEY END???!!!” Im thinking to myself. Then i hear a twig snapp, of course in my head its the man from the chain saw masacre, of course it is, im in the middle of nowhere, on a big hill with no houses near by, “omg going to be chain sawed.” but i look and its only two deers about 100 metres from me. A massive sigh of relief. Then i look again and they are just stood there staring at me, so i stare back. Then i think hang on a minute “DONT JUST STAND THERE, COME AND SAVE ME FROM THE STINGING NETTLES GOD DAMM IT” but they dont. No they just stand there staring so now ive fallen out with the hare and the two deers. Ive faught my way through all the stinging nettles and im on the hill to get down, the grass is long i cant see and WHAM im in a badger hole, “WWHHHYYYY, WHY WOULD YOU DIG YOUR HOLE THERE MR BADGER” im shouting, so i spend the rest of the journey leaping in the air trying to dodge the badger holes which arent visible due to the stupid long grass. 20 minutes later im out the field, im stung all up my legs, im annoyed at the animals, im angry with the grass and i just want to get the last bit of the run over with so i can go home. I go into the next field. Im running through the field, im near the end of the field “yay” im thinking. I climb over to the track behind my house i have 400metres to go and im home “oh crap i cant get up the track” they have only gone and fenced it off, with a fence i cant climb. So now im forced to run the extra long way home. I get in relieved to be home, covered in stinging nettles, not friends with the two deers, hare and badger and have picked up 7 bites along the way. What a run. The main thing is i wasnt in a horror film and the chain saw masacre man didnt come out to play … phewwww.

ONE WEEK TO GO. OH MY GOD. I feel in no way prepared for this but im going to do it anyway and you know what ill give it 100%. Just keep donating and keep us keeping on. I am excited really, what will i do once the run is over? i will have no life anymore. I will miss all these horrible runs in the sun and rain and falling off things and down things. (hahaha joking i am, i wont miss them really) Thanks for all that have supported us and people get to the ale house this saturday for a lovely somethingsilly gig which Mr Thom Belk has very kindly prepared.

Good night all, sleep tight and dont let the stinging nettles bite ….

Stay Classy!


Lon, Lat & Long Lost Cousins (The Final Countdown)

One week until the madness begins……….OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last I’ve been given the all clear to run but I’m guessing now is a little bit late to get fit, so I’m relying on a bit of mental toughness and my fellow runners to get me across the South Downs – but I’m confident in them, after all they’re a good bunch.

Recce has all been done and the stopping points located & sorted. I did discover something useful during this particular exercise – putting longitude & latitude points into a Satnav is far more accurate than postcodes, we were pretty much spot on with every location. I also found out that no matter where you are you will see somebody you know.

There we were sat in a car park in the middle of the woods when some participants of the South Downs Way half marathon went jogging past on a track through the trees.

‘Alex’ says Joff ‘that looks like your cousin.’

‘It does’ replies Alex ‘because it is!!’ [abridged conversation]

We shouted, quite loudly, at him but his earphones blanked us out. A text though was responded to a few hours later declaring that it was indeed him. I would say at this point that the World’s a small place but I’d be lieing – have you ever tried walking around it? Still it was amazing nonetheless.

This Saturday we have our send off gig very kindly organised by Thom Belk at the Old Alehouse. It starts at 7pm, so it would be nice if you could drop in for the odd pint or three whilst taking it some quality tunes and supporting us with the odd donation or four!! Also big shout out to those performing, many many thanks from all at SSIJ.

That’s it for today haven’t time to ramble on for ages I’m afraid – places to go, people to see, deals to be done!

What’s that?

Oh yeah………..and finally…….

No time for a shaggy dog story today so a quick witticism to sign off:

These days many people get their exercise jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle, dodging responsibilities, bending the rules, running down everything, circulating rumours, passing the buck, stirring up trouble, digging up dirt, slinging mud, throwing their weight around, beating the system, and pushing their luck.

Don’t be one of them – get out and get on.