Busy, busy, busy

So much going on at the moment I don’t really know my arse from my elbow to be honest.

Work is ridiculously mental (just to prove that, it’s Sunday and I’m finishing off a presentation), SSIJ has a lot of ‘little’ things that need finishing off, football season is drawing to a close, I have this appointment and that appointment and I have to find the odd couple of hours a day to train. In amongst all of this I also have to make time for The Wire and Criminal Minds – thank god for Sky+.

So what to talk about today. I know, Football as that will definitely please all of my female readers….

Now I think it would be fair to say that we haven’t had the best of seasons at Shrewton Utd but yesterday was funny. We were playing at the League Champions elect and it was their final game of the season in which they had only to get a draw to be definitely crowned as ‘The Winners’.
In expectation of an easy home win, all and sundry turned up from the League Committee, complete with Trophy, medals and winners banners. As we went three nil up there were a lot of very worried red faces above the grey suits!! Unfortunately we couldn’t hang on, up the slope, against the wind and a goal in the last couple of minutes equalised affairs and we weren’t quite able to fully be party poopers but my, how close.

So why would I mention that on here?

Well I think it sums me up perfectly. I love being the underdog. In fact I just love doing things that everyone tells me I can’t and taking on things that seem beyond me. It pushes me, gives me a focus and purpose and is the very reason I will complete the 100 miles in June. It may well prove too late for me but if we can raise awareness of this damn disease and save just one young life, as well as generating some funds to help research into a cure then 100 miles is no distance at all……is it? (If I keep saying it eventually I will convince myself. If I keep saying it eventually I will convince myself. If I keep saying it eventually I will convince myself. If I keep etc……..)

So just before I set off into the great blue (grey actually) yonder with daughter Amy for a gentle 10 miler here’s todays and finally………

A man’s main hobby was running. He spent all his weekends on the trail, paying no attention to weather. One Sunday, early in the morning, he went to the park as usual. It was still dark it was cold and raining and he decided that for once he’d give it a miss and go back home. He walked through the front door, went straight to the bedroom, undressed and laid down next to his wife.

“What terrible weather today honey,” he said to her.

“Yes,” she replied “but my idiot husband still went running!”

Keep on keeping on people.

Waves, Heroes and……….Frogs??

As I turn the corner and can see the finish line I’m re-invigorated.  The thousands of people lining the way cheer loudly and as I sprint between them they jostle to throw money (notes obviously) at me.  Fresh as a daisy I burst through the tape and brush aside the offer of a space blanket and energy drink to continue my run towards the welcoming sight of the sea, waves crashing loudly onto to the beach.  Just as I reach the waters edge a roller breaks and the fresh cool water envelops me in it’s refreshing grasp and……..

and……….(wibble wobble)….

and…….…(wibble wobble)….

and…….. I wake up.  It’s a dream, it’s a bloody dream.

So back to reality then and reality can be a tough mother at times, as I prepare to do something far removed from anything that has gone before – 100 miles in three days over a terrain that would hold it’s own in Nepal!!

Who’s ridiculous idea was this?  Who would be stupid enough to dream this up?

Um….hands up, that would be me then.  Oopps!!!!!