The training is currently on hold! The food has been stolen from our freezer and I am devastated! At least they didn’t steal the reduced bread and frozen veg! 🙂 On the training front, its going rather well, but so far only managed an 11 mile run. This however, was agonising, both dragging myself along the hills at the end part of the south downs and fearing I trip in a rabbit whole,  into cow pat or visit Eastbourne’s most desired , 100ft plummet down Beach Head.

The current whether makes trying to go running a little more exiting. This reminds me of the other day, when I got face planted with the torrential rain, but funniest of all Charlie believed that his track suit was wet through from the rain, however he had been running for 10 minutes with his drink bottle open. Thirsty work hey tracksuit!

On a more serious note, running is NOT fun; it hurts your legs but is therapeutic. It also offers you to appreciate the outdoors. One of my favourites seem to be endless amount of local tramps, some favourites which provide you will the latest music ‘Bye, Bye Miss American Pie’ and  the less favourite who jump out at you from various corners. So it’s going grand, and I have started to appreciate the sea views and lovely greenery.

to be continued ……. bye 🙂