The training is currently on hold! The food has been stolen from our freezer and I am devastated! At least they didn‚Äôt steal the reduced bread and frozen veg! ūüôā On the training front, its going rather well, but so far only managed an 11 mile run. This however, was agonising, both dragging myself along the hills at the end part of the south downs and fearing I trip in a rabbit whole, ¬†into cow pat or visit Eastbourne‚Äôs most desired , 100ft plummet down Beach Head.

The current whether makes trying to go running a little more exiting. This reminds me of the other day, when I got face planted with the torrential rain, but funniest of all Charlie believed that his track suit was wet through from the rain, however he had been running for 10 minutes with his drink bottle open. Thirsty work hey tracksuit!

On a more serious note, running is NOT fun; it hurts your legs but is therapeutic. It also offers you to appreciate the outdoors. One of my favourites seem to be endless amount of local tramps, some favourites which provide you will the latest music ‚ÄėBye, Bye Miss American Pie‚Äô and¬† the less favourite who jump out at you from various corners. So it‚Äôs going grand, and I have started to appreciate the sea views and lovely greenery.

to be continued ……. bye ūüôā


Forest Gump

Iyaaaaaa peeps, hows it hanging? Slightly shrivelled and to the left? Harhar never gets old. Anyways welcome to my blog may it bring you just as much happiness and cringyness as it does me.

Today is Thursday April the 19th …. holy moly its only 2 months to go, this time in 2months I will be lead on a nice hot sandy beach sipping a cocktail and hearing the waves crashing ahh bliss …. oh wait back to reality, no this time in 2 months I will be 1 of 10 ultra runners attacking the south downs with all my might, I embrace this thought with open arms. Just think of how much of an achievement this will be, just think of all goodness 10 people will do. Have we inspired you? I hope so.

I have taken a slightly different approach to my training plan, I read Seb is running 12-14 miles a day and my dad and Joe also covering great distances …. well I am eating 12-14 choclate bars a day and relying on the good advice Forest Gump has to give, ever watched that film? I have, every night in fact. When he just runs for 2 years straight, well Mr Gump you are my hero!! If you watch Forest Gump just to that bit and don’t feel inspired to go out running then you are crazy, or perhaps I am? Either way, Forest will be my muse for this challenge, when I’m struggling I’ll think to myself , What would Forest do?

I went slightly off course then with my Forest Gump speech, ok I’m back. Everyone all the time says to me “Amy do you actually realise how far 100 miles is” yes, yes I do, it is 100 times 1 miles …. DUHHHH and “Amy I dont think you realise how hard this is going to be” yes, yes I do, its going to be like running 100 times 1 miles, its going to hurt, its going to be tiring and do you know what I AM GOING TO HAVE TO WEE IN BUSHES of course I know how hard it is … thanks for the encouragment nonetheless. People that say that to me should take one step back and look at WHY I am doing it, WHY its important and WHY we need to hear positive feedback!! After all Steve Chalk is my daddy and he would run this alone if no one even said yes. What kind of daughter would I be if I let him do that? …… Not a crazy one I guess (haha) anyway must dash been lovely ranting to you. Happy running and all that jazz.

And remember …Stay classy bloggers!!!!!

What have i got myself in to….

So late last year I received¬†a Facebook message from my football manager Steve Chalk with content that I never thought I would read let alone agree to do. ¬†Running 100 miles in 3 days is an insane idea by¬†anyone’s¬†standards but then I read on to find out its literally a cross country run on some wild terrain.

Never the less I was happy to accept the challenge and extremely honoured to have been asked.

At first I had no idea how I was going to¬†prepare¬†for some a monstrous task and to be completely honest I still have no idea, and as good as the world of the Internet is there is no tips for this sort of challenge, so I thought the only thing I could do was to run, run and then run some more then once I’d ran a good distance I’d just keep running. The training¬†isn’t¬†actually as bad as I thought it was going to be,¬† I do enjoy running personally¬†as long¬†as I have music in my ears and the weather is kind I’m happy to take to the roads, fields and hills running my days away. ¬†I have also come to appreciate the running as I have now seen parts of Salisbury that I didn’t¬†know existed even though I’ve spent the last 15 years living here.

My body is now slowly becoming used to the fact that I rise bright and early, throw on my running shoes, stick my earphones in and head off and I can feel the difference its making.  I started off running 3-5 miles 4 times a week and have slowly raised the distance each week so im now running 12-14miles 3 times a week with a recovery run once a week and a couple of much needed days of rest.

Knowing that in 63 days we will be setting off from Winchester and heading to Eastbourne sea front on foot over 3 days is¬†of course¬†very daunting but also very exciting, we obviously¬†aren’t¬†doing this just for fun or to pass 3 days in June. ¬†We are¬†of course putting ourselves through it for the good of others and to raise money for Factor 50 who are the top charity raising funds for research into Melanoma and I personally am hugely happy to be helping such a cause.

Right¬†I¬†think¬†that’s¬†enough for today its time for work and to fuel my body for tonights run, 14 miles around the outskirts of Salisbury.

Also I need a sign off,  something to end my blogs with like a news reporter ending a broadcast.  All ideas welcome.

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Getting ready to post the WHOLE blogs section!

So, momentum is growing behind the site and more importantly the cause of #somethingsillyinjune

It’s coming to the time that we start publishing all the blogs, I just hope it all goes smoothly!