PR, Tees, Rum, oh and bit of BS

Another week has passed and it’s getting closer and closer. I’ve spent a lot of time this week working on Press Releases and designs for the t-shirts for the run, which reminds me, I need to mock up a couple more!! I haven’t done nearly as much running as I’d wanted either – only a biggy last Monday and a quick jog Wednesday morning – that takes me up until Friday night when 6 miles into my proposed 15 miler and my calf decides its had enough of the run and forces me to gently jog home, there must be something going around because having read Seb’s post earlier with his calf problems this is not cool. Still, mine hasn’t swollen up, merely a twinge!

Anyway, that being the case I decided to take the weekend off as a precaution, which happened to coincide quite nicely with Southampton’s promotion gaining last game of the season. I thought as I wasn’t training this weekend – what better way to wind down than to go drinking for 12 hours solid, hmmmm, waking up on Sunday morning and having to peel my contact lenses out of my eyes had proved that it had been a good night, that coupled with the fact that I couldn’t tell you what happened between the hours of 10pm and me waking at 7am – only that I got home at 3am. A few memories have started come back though, mainly empty bottles of rum, drinking plastic confetti and talking a hell of a lot of shit… ah well, good times… I think.

On that very apt note, I’m done.