It was all going so well…

So 10 weeks away from the start date and I’m in high spirits, the trainings going very well and I’m actually enjoying going running, no matter what time of day or how far I’m running I do it with a smile on my face… but the football season isn’t over.

We have 2 games remaining and 1st up was Cadbury Heath. During the warm up I felt a slight pull in my left calf but decided I’d just ignore it and play on. Knowing that the team we were playing only needed a point to win the league and be presented with the trophy we knew it would be a tough game, we were playing very well and took 3-0 lead… then I’m through on goal defender bearing down on me…as I shoot he slides across to make the block but connects with nothing but my leg.

Me being me decided to just ignore it, run it off and play on which wasn’t the best idea, a few more tackles throughout the game, I get home to find my leg had swollen to twice its normal size. After a trip to A+E I find out I have a tear in my calf, so I spent the last week on crutches and most of my time lying down resting my leg. I’ve been back since and have been told all I can do is rest and in 4-5 weeks it should have healed itself and be back to normal.

This is obviously going to have a huge impact on my training as I cant train for the next 4 weeks at least and its only 8 weeks until we get under way.  However I’m not going to let it dampen my spirits,  I think in a couple weeks I’ll be able to hit the gym and work on a cycle bike and some core work (not involving my legs) which will help in the long run.

Also unfortunately I am unable to play in the Football tournament fundraiser at the Ray Mac on Thursday 3rd of May at 6pm.  So I take to the management team instead and I expect nothing but cup glory from my players.

Everyone is welcome to come along and show some support and raise some money. Tell your friends and family and lets get as many people along as possible.

See you all there.