Final preparations…

Firstly it’s an honour and a privilege to be involved in this event and I thank Steve and the team for letting me be part of it.

I only found out a few weeks ago that I would be doing this event so when I came to the realisation that we are running 100 miles in 3 days, I couldn’t help thinking that my current training needed adapting slightly. I am a runner and have been for a few years now. I normally run around 50 miles a week and race for Salisbury running club. However, the furthest I have ever ran was the London marathon in 2010. It took me a week to recover from 26 miles so to run another 74 after is going to be a very hard task.
I have 100% confidence that we can pull through as a team and complete this challenge for Steve.

Unfortunately I can’t get to the old ale house on Saturday as I am working but I’m sure there will be enough alcohol consumed in my absence. I’m looking forward the first cold pint when we are standing (maybe crawling) on Eastbourne beach!

The main thing is that we raise money for factor 50 and everybody continues to donate and show their support. Many thanks to the masses of you who have donated already.

Now for the last few training runs until the big thing…and a lot of pasta!


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