2013 – SSIJ Double Up – The Pennine Bridleway


Following on from 2012’s inaugural challenge, where they ran the 100 miles of the South Downs Way across 3 days, the #somethingsillyinjune team have announced that they are ‘doubling up’ for 2013. This time around they are taking on 205 miles of the Pennine Bridleway over 4 days to raise awareness of Melanoma and funds for Factor50.

Team SSIJ is made up of the friends and family of stage 4 cancer patient Steve Chalk. Steve has a terminal Melanoma diagnosis but was lucky enough to be enrolled onto a trial for experimental drug, Vemurafenib and to date has responded well to the treatment. He was determined to put this ‘extra time’ granted him to good use and currently campaigns to heighten awareness of Melanoma (the most severe form of skin cancer) and to raise funds for Factor50, who are the UK’s number one charity concerned with funding research into the disease.

The previous challenge saw 10 runners and a support crew of 9 raise £7,500. With extra participants this time around and an expanded logistical crew the target is to raise £10,000. The team will set off from Kirkby Stephen on the 17th of June finishing sometime on the 20th at Middleton Top in Derbyshire. Along the way they will be covering the Settle and Mary Towneley loops, as well as taking on the formidable Jacobs Ladder which leads to the top of Kinder Scout.

“I feel extremely lucky to still be here” commented Steve Chalk at the launch “especially so when you consider what I’ve been able to experience in the past year. I have been named Wilts FA Coach of the Year, witnessed first hand the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, as well as welcoming my first grandchild, Eli Taylor Chalk into the world.”
“None of this would have been possible without the ground breaking drug I am on and I was privileged to be selected as the Patient Expert on the NICE appraisal committee for it. After much campaigning I’m pleased that Vemurafenib is now adopted by the NHS as standard treatment for Melanoma, the first real advancement in treating this disease for 30 years.”
“Whilst I’m proud of the part I played in this” continued Chalk “my contribution pales into insignificance compared to that of Factor50, which demonstrates that every penny raised by us goes directly towards keeping people, like me, alive.”

Interested parties can keep up to date with the team’s progress by going to or alternatively searching out #somethingsillyinjune on twitter, facebook and new for this year Youtube where they will be videoblogging.

2012 – The South Downs Way Challenge – COMPLETE

2012's Challenge is complete, we conquered the South Downs Wat. In 2013 we're doubling up ...

In June of 2012, 10 intrepid runners, of all shapes and sizes, will set out from Winchester and over three days will all run the 100 miles of the South Downs Way to Eastbourne seafront.

Why do such a silly thing you may be asking?

The answer is two fold. Firstly they wish to heighten awareness of Malignant Melanoma. One of the runners, Steve Chalk, was diagnosed with this cancer in April 2010 and at that time he, like many, had little or no knowledge of just how devastating this disease can be. Unfortunately his melanoma has spread and he now faces the ultimate battle but wanted to use this time in an attempt to warn others of the dangers, to bring to everyone’s attention how avoidable this cancer can be and how treatable it is if caught early.

They are also running to raise much needed money for Factor50 who are the number one charity concerned with raising funds for research into Melanoma. Until recently treatment for this disease was very limited as it doesn’t respond to the ‘conventional’ cancer regimes but there are now some exciting options on the horizon. One such drug was offered to Steve on a clinical trial and to date has had a very positive effect on his cancer, so much so in fact that he is now running 100 miles!!

His wonderful family and friends couldn’t see him do this alone so have signed up to helping him. As well as those running, there is a considerable network of support crew behind the scenes and between them all they are determined to undertake and complete this challenge.

You can keep up with all the trials and tribulations along the way by dropping in here every now and then, or by following on Twitter and/or Facebook

You can also help immensely by clicking on the donate button…….go on, you know you want to.

And for that we thank you.

If you’d like to get an idea of how tough the challenge is going to be, take a look at these images below, showing the gradients of the hills the team will be tackling!

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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