Day 2 – 30 miles by foot

We made it. What a feeling it is to finish day 1 of this years challenge.
We didn't have the best start to the week with what happened to Steve on the night we arrived. 
However that inspired us even more than we already were and there was a huge sense of determination around the group.
6am the alarms were chiming, banging, honking and beeping and we were up, showered and full on breakfast ready to go by 7. 
As we set off from the start line we were greeted by probably the biggest and longest hill I have ever seen. It was like standing at the bottom of a ski slope covered in grass. To say it was a slow first leg would be true but we did manage to re unite a lost lamb with its mother thanks to the gate opening heroics of Geoffrey (machine 3) Bonner.
We did manage to pick the pace up over the next few legs and were back on track by lunchtime and we kept on keeping on. 
I was personally really Impressed with the new comers to the team and how they all adapted and settled into the task ahead. Also how Amy and Joe managed to keep headstrong and power through is beyond me, Huge well done to them both. 
Now we are in Skipton Rugby club and have eaten our army rations so its time to wind down let the legs recover and get some sleep before the 5am alarm we have set for tomorrow. 70 Miles on a bike. I'm super excited having done lots of cycling in preparation ............. Well I used to cycle to school that's enough right? 
Until tomorrow. 

Day 1 – The Journey

Day 1 of the challenge week has come and gone. 
The actual drive up wasn't to bad at all considering. Left the house at 8 sharp Sunday morning and arrived at Kirkby Stephen around 5pm and ofcourse us being the well prepared team of ultra athletes we are the first stop was the pub. A couple quick pints in the local then off to the cricket club that has kindly lent us there clubhouse to put our heads down for the night. 
So tomorrow it begins with 30miles running, I personally am quite excited about the whole week and now were here just want to get underway. some others (Geoff) are quite worried. Besides everyone's worries, thoughts and ideas of how terrible its going to be the mood within the team is amazing, everyone is upbeat, smiling and laughing. 
So as Iay here in a cricket pavilion changing room on an army fold out bed and my inflatable pillow anticipate a great day tomorrow and the same mood and buzz tomorrow night.....but we will see.

OH MY CHRIST its Tomorrow

This has come around so damn quick. Tomorrow we embark on one hell of a journey 100 miles over 3 days.

I have trained and trained and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran then when all that was done I did a little bit more running.  I feel as ready as I will ever be but I dont think there is ever a way I would be fully prepared for a challenge like this.

Today is the final day to get ready. Ive got my bag packed, trainers ready, checked my tent, iPod charged and water at the ready and its only 3 o’clock. So for the rest of the day I will be trying to think of the best excuse I can to get out of this………. dammit its to late. So I’ll use my time wisely and strap wheels to my trainers.

When I think about tomorrow morning its very daunting that instead of getting up, making some lunch and heading to work I’ll be eating porridge, meeting the team and we’ll all be running 30 miles and thats just the 1st day of 3 which happens to be the shortest. So think of us when your sat at your desk, behind your bar, painting, building, coaching, teaching, cooking or whatever it is you do because I’d bet that no one would want to trade places. That said CLICK DONATE and support us with anything you can manage.

Hopefully we will be able to blog and keep you updated over the next few days so keep checking.

Special thanks to everyone at work for all the support and I love the tracking board so I’ll try and keep you up to date.

Wish us luck and next time you hear from me I will be part of the way through.

7 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!

So were in the final week of preparation for the Big Run. This is where its starting to feel real, before hand I was training for a run that ill be doing in the future, now im training for a run im doing NEXT WEEK!

Wow that’s come around fast.

My training has been good so far, clocked up over 70 miles over the last week over 5 days and to my surprise I felt fine. Obviously I had some minor aches here and there but nothing a good leg rub from my ever supporting partner couldn’t sort out.

Now Tonight is the start of England’s Euro 12 campaign and it clashes with my normal slot for running so ill be embarking on 20 of your finest miles around Salisbury the minute the final whistle goes. Now im hoping to be running in a good mood with a smile on my face but if we do some how manage to lose I will be a very angry runner so my apologies if I don’t follow the correct runner’s decorum and wave.

During my training I have slowly enjoyed running more and more and would even go as far to say that I will be continuing to run (maybe not as much) once the run is complete. Im also hoping that the gruelling pre season football training I go through each year will be a lot easier for me than normal because I should be in theory as fit as a fiddle.

Don’t forget there will be a gig at the Ale House this coming Saturday to help raise some more money, so come on down, have a drink and donate some pennies.

Thanks to all.

dragging myself from the rut.

Being injured has to be one of the most frustrating times for anyone who takes part in any kind of sport or physical activity.  My whole lifestyle changed and I felt myself getting lazier by the day. I went from training 5 days a week and playing football to no activity whatsoever, just lots of rest which got very boring.

I was getting sucked in by the rest as well, sleeping in later in the mornings, eating a lot of not so healthy foods and drinking more frequently….but to be completely honest I actually enjoyed it.  Now its time to drag myself out of the rut and get back to some training.  My leg is not fully healed but its feeling much better so tonight im going to hit the gym and attempt a workout on the core and a session on a exercise bike.

With 5 weeks to go its time to get the training back on track and the body ready.

There was however a positive side to being injured although I wasn’t able to play in the SSIJ football tournament I did get the chance to have my managerial debut.  The 4 team tournament was a great success, we even ran out as winners after a last minute equaliser (thanks to some radical but effective tactics) in the first game then taking the game on penalties and a more comfortable win in the final. Everyone played there part and the evening was a huge success.

A huge thanks to Thom Belk for putting the night together and for all the teams and people involved. A special mention to Amy Chalk for wandering around all night dressed as a giant panda taking donations, I dont imagine it was at all comfortable in there.

The start gets ever closer and time seems to be flying by, I better get myself ready for a work out.

Keep on supporting and donating, every contribution helps massively.

Thanks, until next time.


It was all going so well…

So 10 weeks away from the start date and I’m in high spirits, the trainings going very well and I’m actually enjoying going running, no matter what time of day or how far I’m running I do it with a smile on my face… but the football season isn’t over.

We have 2 games remaining and 1st up was Cadbury Heath. During the warm up I felt a slight pull in my left calf but decided I’d just ignore it and play on. Knowing that the team we were playing only needed a point to win the league and be presented with the trophy we knew it would be a tough game, we were playing very well and took 3-0 lead… then I’m through on goal defender bearing down on me…as I shoot he slides across to make the block but connects with nothing but my leg.

Me being me decided to just ignore it, run it off and play on which wasn’t the best idea, a few more tackles throughout the game, I get home to find my leg had swollen to twice its normal size. After a trip to A+E I find out I have a tear in my calf, so I spent the last week on crutches and most of my time lying down resting my leg. I’ve been back since and have been told all I can do is rest and in 4-5 weeks it should have healed itself and be back to normal.

This is obviously going to have a huge impact on my training as I cant train for the next 4 weeks at least and its only 8 weeks until we get under way.  However I’m not going to let it dampen my spirits,  I think in a couple weeks I’ll be able to hit the gym and work on a cycle bike and some core work (not involving my legs) which will help in the long run.

Also unfortunately I am unable to play in the Football tournament fundraiser at the Ray Mac on Thursday 3rd of May at 6pm.  So I take to the management team instead and I expect nothing but cup glory from my players.

Everyone is welcome to come along and show some support and raise some money. Tell your friends and family and lets get as many people along as possible.

See you all there.


What have i got myself in to….

So late last year I received a Facebook message from my football manager Steve Chalk with content that I never thought I would read let alone agree to do.  Running 100 miles in 3 days is an insane idea by anyone’s standards but then I read on to find out its literally a cross country run on some wild terrain.

Never the less I was happy to accept the challenge and extremely honoured to have been asked.

At first I had no idea how I was going to prepare for some a monstrous task and to be completely honest I still have no idea, and as good as the world of the Internet is there is no tips for this sort of challenge, so I thought the only thing I could do was to run, run and then run some more then once I’d ran a good distance I’d just keep running. The training isn’t actually as bad as I thought it was going to be,  I do enjoy running personally as long as I have music in my ears and the weather is kind I’m happy to take to the roads, fields and hills running my days away.  I have also come to appreciate the running as I have now seen parts of Salisbury that I didn’t know existed even though I’ve spent the last 15 years living here.

My body is now slowly becoming used to the fact that I rise bright and early, throw on my running shoes, stick my earphones in and head off and I can feel the difference its making.  I started off running 3-5 miles 4 times a week and have slowly raised the distance each week so im now running 12-14miles 3 times a week with a recovery run once a week and a couple of much needed days of rest.

Knowing that in 63 days we will be setting off from Winchester and heading to Eastbourne sea front on foot over 3 days is of course very daunting but also very exciting, we obviously aren’t doing this just for fun or to pass 3 days in June.  We are of course putting ourselves through it for the good of others and to raise money for Factor 50 who are the top charity raising funds for research into Melanoma and I personally am hugely happy to be helping such a cause.

Right I think that’s enough for today its time for work and to fuel my body for tonights run, 14 miles around the outskirts of Salisbury.

Also I need a sign off,  something to end my blogs with like a news reporter ending a broadcast.  All ideas welcome.

Dont forget to check out our site,  post a message of support for the team and of course hit donate, all amounts welcome.