T-Shirt Design Sorted!!

So we’ve finally settled on our T-Shirt design for the run, it took a while, partly because, well, it just did, and also because we now have 2 more fantastic sponsors/partners who have donated us plenty of sports nutrition for the run, big thanks to Icon Nutrition, and www.GetSupplements.co.uk for donating to us, we really really appreciate it!

Of course a huge thank you goes to Daz at Red Pudsey for sorting us out with the T-Shirts and printing as well.

So, below is the picture of our design, what do you think???

Blogs Online Soon

As you can probably tell, the website is still under a bit of development, we’ve got the important bits up and running but are still working on full Twitter, Facebook and Google+ integration – along with the personal blogs.

As soon as it’s online we’ll be sure to tell you.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the site and follow us on all our Social Networks!!