Double up for next year he said…….knee has started hurting already!!!

So the gauntlet was thrown down and I’ve said yes ……..I must of forgotten all the pain and the tears from last year and the fact after running over the South Downs I ended up in hospital!!! But that’s just it I have forgotten and all for a very good reason pain is only temporary but pride is forever and because it is for an amazing cause and on behalf of an amazing and inspirational man who I had the up most pleasure to meet last year, Steve Chalk.

So I find myself pricing up mountain bikes for the 140 mile ride part of the 200 miles and looking at a marathon training plan that I can fit in whilst i’m backpacking around Thailand…this should be interesting even more so we are now to submit Vlogs do you guys not¬†realize¬†how camera shy I am!

Hamstrings, jelly babies, great advice and not running alone!

This is my first post and I apologise for taking so long to do this but with all the extra training and some last minute shift changes at work my day to day life as I knew it has gone to pot!! (not literally!)

So having increased my distance of my runs thrown in some cross training on the bike and then 3 to 4 sessions with British Military Fitness a week I started to feel a little bit of pain in my right hamstring, now when I say a little I cried like a baby, so maybe it was a little more than that! Having spoken with some fellow runners it was decided that I was probably better off going to see the professionals so off I trotted at 10 am on my day off to Derby Runner whereby the most amazingly honest women I have ever met told me that I had the wrong trainers and that the trainers I had been running in for 2 months were in fact for a neutral runner, DOH!!

New trainers purchased, hamstring massaged (new swear words invented!) new running socks and I’m ready to take on the world until 10 miles into a 14 mile run and develop a blister on my left big toe this then turns in to 7 blisters all down the insides of both feet (complaint email sent to creator of amazing socks that prevent blisters!)

I’m now beginning to worry that someone has it in for me so I sought out further advice from a lovely lady named Sarah Harris ultra distance runner and winner of the Nottingham to Derby Kilomathon, Derby 10k and the Derbyshire Cross Country Championships when I told her I was training alone she advised that for upping my distances that would get monotonous and it may be a good idea to go with someone to spur me on……..thats great but imagine the replys I got when I asked for someone to join me on a training run on facebook! So up steps my lovely and amazing son Thomas (v.proud Mum!!!) he offers to get out the bike he has only ridden the once since his uncle brought it for him 4 years ago and come with me!!

So Monday morning 11am off we go and we rocked! 19.89 miles later Thomas with a sore bottom and myself despite strapping up my feet and taking lots of Ibuprofen with blisters the size of golf balls and some slight hamstring pain made it home in one piece and I was really proud of myself I felt good and Sarah was right Thomas made the time fly by he made me laugh and carried the energy gels and the rehydration drinks! (now they are another story for another time I think) He also had the bag of Jelly babies which I can not normally eat as they make me feel sick but they were just right at mile 12, 15 and 18 and will definately be stocking up for June.

So I’m really looking forward to the challenge a. because its a challenge b. because its for a fantastic cause and c. because I get to run with others and I hope that they too will spur me on and make me laugh and I hope to be able to support them too so we can get through it together!