Countdown is on … But, before we start, some thanks!

Ok, so the countdown is well and truly on, and it’s just a matter of days until we start the challenge, which, I’m looking forward to, yet equally petrified about. I just don’t want anyone – including myself to pickup any injuries or anything, we all deserve to finish this challenge, we’ve all worked hard to get to this point and raised a lot of money. A lot of money indeed, which brings me to the first thank you, to everyone who’s donated so far! THANK YOU! You’re a hero! Now we need your friends to be heroes, and family to join you and also be heroes! We need to smash the £10,000 barrier, that’s our target! That’s why we’re putting ourselves through the suffering of going up and down “hills” day after day by foot and bike.

On to my next thank you, and that’s to URGE Cycles, who’ve been amazing and have given our bikes a going over prior to us setting off this weekend, and also on top of that, are donating a spares package for us to help us keep going during the challenge, we’re no doubt going to pickup countless punctures etc so a huge thank you to Alice and Nick, you’ve made a massive difference to our challenge! Please check them out here:


My next thank you goes to the lovely people at Soreen, after me hounding them on Twitter for days and badgering them and getting numerous ReTweets, I think it was 33 in total? They (Well, Lucy Ardern to be exact) got in touch and sent us through a truck load of malt loaf, cycling jerseys and running vests! There were 13 boxes in total, see below!


So after unpacking and working out what we had I broke the news to the team who were obviously thrilled, who wouldn’t? Free malt loaf!!! We decided to use some of it as a marketing ploy and bait people into donating at the fundraiser in return for free malt loaf, it seemed to work too! So Soreen, you should have some new fans out there too.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with our progress across all the social type networks, we’ll try and blog too, if we’re not destroyed at the end of each day that is. Oh, one last pic of all the squidgy malt loaf! We’ll be enjoying this next week!


Oh, and if you want to follow Soreen on twitter, and why wouldn’t you, the link is here:

It’s coming up …

Well, it’s getting close to June, and for me, and 13 others, that means we’re about to embark on our second “SSIJ” challenge,


Last year we ran the South Downs Way in 3 days, that’s over 100 miles. This year however, we’ve decided to double up and do 205 miles of the Pennine Bridleway, we’ll be running 30 miles, then mountain biking 70, then running another 30 miles, and finally mountain biking another 70. Mad I know. But it’s for a fantastic cause, Factor50 –


Not only am I taking part in this but I (jh IT solutions) are a key sponsor of the event and have been designing and maintaining the event website for the past 2 years. Something which I’m incredibly proud of and proud to be a part of.

Not only this, but a personal little bonus for me is that I have managed to get Soreen to help us out as well, through pure bloody mindedness and persistence they are going to donate some delicious malt loaf for us! Amazing!!

So thank you for reading my little update, and feel free to donate, after all, for every £1 you donate you get a raffle ticket into the draw to win some fantastic prizes, such as a flying lap of Thruxton, Bath Rugby merchandise, sign rugby shirts by Matt Dawson, Will Greenwood and others, and to top it off, you could get your hands on a signed bottle of Whiskey from none other than David Cameron… Not a bad selection of prizes!

Turbo Session = COMPLETE

A quick little micro-post, as I know EVERY one is waiting to hear about how I’m doing ….. yeah ….

So I had another physio session this week, was looking forward to it weirdly … Any way, this weeks session included another painful massage basically un-knotting my calf. As well as that I had some more ultra sound treatment and to top it off some lovely acupuncture … whether that works I don’t know, but I definitely felt the needles hitting the nerves!! It was quite cool watching the needles go in at my knee and feeling it at the tips of my toes.

All of that seems to be having a good effect – I managed 45mins on the turbo trainer last night, which isn’t a lot but I did it with no real pain in the calf other than it feeling a little tight, as I’d expect. The next step is to try a little jog on it, depending on how I feel after a few stretches tonight I might venture out for a little test, fingers crossed!!

Oh, and remember to be at The Ale House this Saturday night, a benefit gig for SSIJ is happening, it’ll be awesome!!

Damn you Gastrocnemius …

Ok, so like most of you, I had no idea what muscle or even what my “Gastrocnemius” was until visiting the Doctors and Physio today, for those like me who didn’t know, it’s basically the big muscle that makes up your calf on the back of your lower leg.

The reason I now know this little gem of a word, is that I have most certainly at some point over the last two weeks torn the top of it – which of course, is bad news. So, this means, excruciating physio massage sessions, ultra sound treatments, lots of stretching and of course NO RUNNING!!!

What I have found out about the whole no running, and no cycling (I cycle a lot normally, so being injured sucks even more as I can’t even do that!!) is that my appetite doesn’t hold off, normally when I’m in training I can happily plough through breakfast, snacks through the day like nuts, and malt loaf (a HUGE favourite of mine) then have a decent lunch followed by getting home for a quick peanut butter sandwich (The best sandwich filling ever, no arguments) then head out for a run, or ride which ever is in the training plan, then get back and do weights and core etc. then tuck into a healthy sized evening meal. It’s been a happy routine for me the last 6 months or so and I’ve gotten used to it, so getting to a point where all I’m doing is BORING weights and partial core workouts means I can’t eat as much … not cool.

Anyway, I’m determined to be ready for the run, and have physio sessions and ultra sound treatments booked so I’m staying positive. As well as all that I’ve been pretty busy sorting some bits and bobs for the run, including getting us some free sports food from our new friends at ICON Nutrition and Get Supplements, big thank you to them!!

So, it’s only 12ish days until the run, but I’m seriously looking forward to getting these bad boys back on my feet and heading out the door on a run!! Just not quite yet … wish me luck!!

PR, Tees, Rum, oh and bit of BS

Another week has passed and it’s getting closer and closer. I’ve spent a lot of time this week working on Press Releases and designs for the t-shirts for the run, which reminds me, I need to mock up a couple more!! I haven’t done nearly as much running as I’d wanted either – only a biggy last Monday and a quick jog Wednesday morning – that takes me up until Friday night when 6 miles into my proposed 15 miler and my calf decides its had enough of the run and forces me to gently jog home, there must be something going around because having read Seb’s post earlier with his calf problems this is not cool. Still, mine hasn’t swollen up, merely a twinge!

Anyway, that being the case I decided to take the weekend off as a precaution, which happened to coincide quite nicely with Southampton’s promotion gaining last game of the season. I thought as I wasn’t training this weekend – what better way to wind down than to go drinking for 12 hours solid, hmmmm, waking up on Sunday morning and having to peel my contact lenses out of my eyes had proved that it had been a good night, that coupled with the fact that I couldn’t tell you what happened between the hours of 10pm and me waking at 7am – only that I got home at 3am. A few memories have started come back though, mainly empty bottles of rum, drinking plastic confetti and talking a hell of a lot of shit… ah well, good times… I think.

On that very apt note, I’m done.

Grease me up …

You know you’re getting into the whole fitness thing when Friday comes around, you’re up out of bed at 5:30am, getting changed into your running gear, sat watching Sky Sports News (Of course, what else at that time??) and you’ve just started plastering your feet with vaseline (to prevent blisters, curb your filthy minds…). You’re just about to head out the door when it dawns on you that, ahh, today is Friday, the day that I’ve allocated as my rest day, the day where I don’t run 5, 10, or even 15 miles before work, the day that I don’t go out cycling around the Wiltshire countryside for an hour and half. No Friday is the day that I can have a lie in without waking up 2 hours past my supposed alarm clock and hating myself.

Still, at least I enjoyed my breakfast that morning, and wasn’t shovelling it down my throat as I left the house. One thing I now know though, is that there’s bugger all on TV in the mornings, there’s only so many times you can watch the “Surf Report” on Sky Sports News where they tell us about massive 2 ft waves in Bournemouth …

Anyway, I have work to do – and no I didn’t get up at 5:30am this morning, I had a planned lie in so of course I was wide awake at 6 – still at least the weathers nice for mine and Seb’s 15miler tonight …


Getting ready to post the WHOLE blogs section!

So, momentum is growing behind the site and more importantly the cause of #somethingsillyinjune

It’s coming to the time that we start publishing all the blogs, I just hope it all goes smoothly!