It is certain to say that I am completely and utterly petrified about this challenge as others have said, it will be the strength of mentally that Steve and his family will give me to get me through. Looking back to last year, I can safely say I was an emotional wreck and due this year being ‘double distance’ it’s going to be undoubtedly  painful, undoubtedly  emotional and most importantly, an undoubtedly unforgettable event.  I don’t know how I got through without my temporary mummy figure Penny Chalk! Her hugs were very much needed.


I’ve recently got back from an amazing weekend celebrating Amy Chalk’s hen do- absolutely hilarious! Best thing of all was seeing her truly happy and it will be her bubbly nature and giggles that will be helping me along the way this year. I can see a piggy back from the lads coming in handy. With so much going on as we can all imagine, thinking you could have ever spared a minute to put your trainers on is just inspirational. I just don’t know how you do it girl!


In terms of training for Charlie and I – pretty rubbish! With his exams and all my uni work finding a spare minute has been a huge struggle. It’s been a very teary and stressful year and I thank family and my soul mate Charlie who has put up with me. Without his willpower to drag me from the floor and keep me going through training is something to be commended. I think running along the seafront and coming face to face with the South Downs for a bit of training ‘again’ has been a sickening thought. Every moment I’ve had, it too has been spent doing some kind of exercise. Despite feeling so unfit, some heroic strength and the buzz from the team will come upon me and I’ll just keep on going- even if I have to find another Gandalf stick to hobble to the end. I WILL DO THIS.  Being the baby of the team,  I hope it certainly doesn’t show!


I can’t believe all the effort that has been put into preparing for the event this year- absolutely AMAZING and all those who have put so much effort into this event – thank -you! I am SO excited to be reunited with the team and support to make yet again, some more lasting memories! So much love to the Chalks and their strength and others too, who are going through the same sadness.


Really enjoyed our event at Qudos on the weekend, a huge well done to Tara and Pete for sorting all of the raffle tickets- great job J. Thanks to all the effort into making it a successful event with some lovely hosting Dawn Dawes- you were just fabulous on the microphone. Lovely food, sunshine and was an opportunity to see the team again and to meet some new additions!


Thanks to everyone who had spared £1 and MORE to sponsor us! There is still time to sponsor!




Love from a nerves and excited Jade x



The training is currently on hold! The food has been stolen from our freezer and I am devastated! At least they didn’t steal the reduced bread and frozen veg! 🙂 On the training front, its going rather well, but so far only managed an 11 mile run. This however, was agonising, both dragging myself along the hills at the end part of the south downs and fearing I trip in a rabbit whole,  into cow pat or visit Eastbourne’s most desired , 100ft plummet down Beach Head.

The current whether makes trying to go running a little more exiting. This reminds me of the other day, when I got face planted with the torrential rain, but funniest of all Charlie believed that his track suit was wet through from the rain, however he had been running for 10 minutes with his drink bottle open. Thirsty work hey tracksuit!

On a more serious note, running is NOT fun; it hurts your legs but is therapeutic. It also offers you to appreciate the outdoors. One of my favourites seem to be endless amount of local tramps, some favourites which provide you will the latest music ‘Bye, Bye Miss American Pie’ and  the less favourite who jump out at you from various corners. So it’s going grand, and I have started to appreciate the sea views and lovely greenery.

to be continued ……. bye 🙂